Thursday, July 10, 2014

Fairy Tale Day

It's Fairy Tale day at ANS.  Our little princes and princesses visited the library to look for Jack and the Beanstalk.  Do you think they found him?

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Please visit my new blog - RemarkaBook

I started to post Remarkabooks on this blog and noticed that many follows my posts about book titles.  So here it is, a blog dedicated for one.
This blog aims to help mothers, teachers, librarians and any one who loves reading  and want to spread the love for it.  I will try to post one book a day(hopefully including weekends), with its bibliographic details for purchasing, reading and interest levels from different reading groups, type, genre, synopsis/summary of the book or anything that could help my readers.  This is not to represent any book publisher or author, I am doing this out of my passion as a school librarian....visit now RemarkaBook.

Monday, March 17, 2014

World Book Week

This is the first time I organized a Book Week celebration on the last week of the school.  I thought it will not have an impact at all.  Suprisingly, it's a hit because it is when all are getting ready to go on for their holiday and want to detach from the curriculum.  Teachers are trying to stretch their classes that won't matter on the student's grade anymore and Book Week is the answer.  We started planning the activities when we came back from the long break due to suspension.  This is the first time that the library hosted the Book Week, the Literacy department always handles this celebration.  I made it very simple for all, no extra work for the teachers and no challenging preparation for the library.

We had Book Swap for our smallest pupils in the school.  We prepared the letter to parents on what kind of book they must send with their children.  Some didn't follow the instruction (or maybe didn't understand the letter) that they still give their kids an ADULT book for swapping.  Some brought their books but are not willing to swap their most precious book, they thought they will only swap for a day, whilst, many were happy that they have a new book.  Generally, the activity is successful. We gave stickers for those who participated in the swapping.  I let the Thai staff explain to them the importance and procedure so it will be clearly explained to the children.

Aside from swapping, we also did a Story time with our smallest pupils in the school.  One in Thai and one in English.  They love my story just the way my son loves it when I tell him the story even over and over again.  Our Thai librarian was quite conscious and nervous because it's her first time, on the 3rd day she got no voice:(


For our Primary students, we did the Book Bingo Game.  Everyone enjoys, even the teachers joined us in the game.  The students couldn't get enough of it that they keep on asking for another round.  This activity is truly a hit!

For the Key Stage 3 students, we did the Book Spine Poetry.  We divide the whole class into small groups of 2's and asked to come up with poem or quote out of the titles of the book that can be read from its spine. We asked their English teacher to judge their work.  Surprisingly, some of the groups came up with 2-3 more quotes out of the books they've found.  Very engaging and spontaneous activity indeed!

For our oldest students in school, we did a Summer Reading Challenge.  We challenge the teachers to choose one Secondary student to read a book that they(teacher) have read before and ask their chosen student to read during the summer break and submit a Book Review at the start of the next semester.  The teachers love the idea but there were just a few takers, everyone is just looking forward to the holiday.  Nevertheless, we received 3 book reviews and the challenge made a buzz after the participants received their reward for participating.  Hopefully, our next reading challenge will be more popular.  This activity gives no extra work for the teachers but raise the profile of the library with new library display for us.

And of course, our very own Book Sale.  Unwanted library books and magazines were sorted according to prices and placed on different boxes for everyone who is interested to buy or take for free.  This is a win-win situations on all ends, the library reclaimed the space we need, generated a few thousand baht and save the parents money for buying (bargain prices) good books, they also get free magazines!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I want to share these remarkabook finds.  I got these from Pinterest...I'm starting to love Pinterest! Considering I'm a visual person, pictures are the way to go...credits go to original compilers of these titles...

 If you love Hunger Games and you've finished the might like any of these adventure YA titles. 

Inspiring books for children who loves to write.10 Books That Inspire Kids to Write (+ writing paper printables)
Time to hit the bookshops before theaters...

Thursday, December 12, 2013


If you're looking or considering issuing library e-newsletter that looks sleek and impressive, try ISSUU.  It's so easy to publish your updates.  I taught my staff to make one in Thai version, and it's no sweat in creating it.  Try it yourself and let me know how you like...

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I just want to share with you my great finds:

How to Live Forever by Colin Thompson
The cover is so colorful, and looks exciting. The title is quite intriguing..but the most brilliant is the story.  It is so magical and imaginative.  It is about a library book that got lost for years from a huge library that comes into life at night.  Good read for Primary children.  Great read before a library lesson. Thumbs up!!!

Press Here by  Herve Tullet
Plain white cover with a big yellow dot...looks boring but it's not.  Great interactive book with small children. Thumbs up!!

Goodnight iPad by Ann Droyd
I'm not sure if the name of the author is a parody as well...I don't think I will believe it.  This book is funny and I think many can relate.  Great follow-up read from Goodnight Moon by Margaret Brown.

E-mergency by Tom Lichtenheld & Ezra Fields-Meyer
Another story that children will definitely love.  It is when letter E got injured and letter O will cover for letter E's job.  Great storytelling for Kindergarten, and independent reading for Primary.  Thumbs up!!

The Incredible Book Eating Boy by Oliver Jeffers
Another funny and book-related story.  I enjoyed reading this and watching its video.  Toddler and primary children will surely like it. Thumbs up!!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

iPad in a School Library

I am lucky to be given a separate budget to initiate a multimedia project.  Of course, the school EMT doesn't expect me to come up with a collection of DVD nor CD-ROM, what else but Tablets!  When I presented the proposal, I gave them a comparison between eReaders(Kindle) and Tablet(iPad).  From my previous experience with Kindle, it's very challenging to promote such to students in a country where reading is the least thing that they would think of.  It must be a very colourful and a very familiar technology - Tablets and for that matter it's iPad.  We were torn between iPad New Gen and iPad Mini.  Both has almost the same functions and features but different price tags. Therefore, we made consensus to purchase iPad mini...and because it's cheaper we were able to add 2 more units from the original proposal.

For the initial project, we purchased 8 units of 16gb iPad Mini.  Each has battery charge of at least 50% but I still recommend to charge it fully as soon  as you open the box.  Download iTunes U App on your computer, and create an Apple ID. I preferred to use the iTunes U App so even if the library/school doesn't have a credit card you will be able to do so.  You will be needing to use an email, I don't suggest to use your personal or office  email,  create a library email since you will have to share the password with other library staff.  If your IT department couldn't give you one, there are gmail, hotmail, yahoo etc. When creating Apple Account, don't forget to write down the security details just in case you will need it in the future. This How-To video might be helpful.

Now we're ready to set-up our iPad Mini.  Unbox the 1st unit and assign it as the master unit.  This is what you must use in installing, testing, updating(iCloud) or deleting.  This must also be the last unit to be served to the students. This video is worth to watch.  We then modify each unit by going to Settings-Wi-Fi (connect to a wifi)-General-About-Name - change the name of each unit; General-;Restriction - assign password, we disable Facetime, Rating for (preferred country), Music and Podcasts CLEAN, Film ALL, TV,  and so on.  We use the same setting for all units but we turned off the Deleting Apps as this feature doesn't need a password. Now, we are ready to install Apps.  Although Facebook and Twitter are ready to install, we didn't install in any.  I will post the Apps that we thought will be worthy to include in our collection, then we grouped the apps by school subjects.  After all the units are set-up, we sign out the Apple ID for security purposes.  

We displayed the empty boxes on the table nearest to the counter so it will be easy to supervise.  When a student wants to use the iPad, we asks them to get a box from the table and exchange it with the unit.  Upon return, we asked them to sign the registration by answering 4 simple questions: (1) What apps(s) they enjoyed most, (2)What app(s) they would like to install, (3) How did they find out the iPad service in the library, (4)Questions and Suggestions.

This service has become an instant hit during after-school with our Primary students.  Not so much with the Secondary since they want it to check out.  We only allow from Y3 students because we are not confident that younger students are ready to handle such gadget without supervision. Some of the challenges we faced since we started this service are students try to open school-restricted sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) from Safari and Google.  Some are just using it to listen to radio, whilst some are trying to sneak it somewhere in the library.   Children are normally sneaky so supervision is really needed....babysitting - not really, just a constant reminder. 

Every Friday afternoon, the master unit ill be backed-up on the computer for any additional or deleted apps during the week.  if none we don't do it anymore.   After all the units were returned, simply restore the back up for the rest of the units.  The name of each unit will be changed to the master unit's name so we just change it back, we haven't discovered how to keep the original name yet:)