Storytelling-Giraffes can't dance

I'll try to create a list of books that I used for storytelling in my K-Library Class.  I have 4 classes in a week and just used 1 story for all of them.  Im' not used to these activity but I'm definitely enjoying my time with the kids.  It also helps that I have a toddler to practice my storytelling with.

I always started my storytelling with my made-up song entitled "Story Time".  Asked them what do they find on the cover, what do they think the story is about, do they think it's a happy or sad story...and so on.

Giraffes can't dance by Giles Andreae

K2 & 3K enjoyed this story.  It's a story about Gerald who doesn't know how to dance but learned to do it with his own music anyway. 
Tips: You may ask the students to make the sounds of the animals in the story.  You can also ask them to count the animals or the colors they found in some pages.

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  1. Love the story, message, illustrations and rhyme! Fun book for adults and kids. I bought this admittedly a bit prematurely for my 5 month old but like reading it to him now and look forward to when he's a bit older and can enjoy it even more.