April Fool's Day

This activity was quickly thought of.  I've been planning to have an April Fool's Day for my library.  Since it shouldn't be announced beforehand, it made it easier for me.  I just have to make sure I have the most important thing I need-BOOKWORM jelly!  I got almost gave up when I visited a number of groceries and  can't find jelly for this activity.  On my last attempt to find one, I finally found it at the grocery nearest to my house, hmp... 

Early morning of April 1st,  I posted signs around library and cafeteria about our infested library, asking for everyone's help to borrow more books today so it won't add up to those swarmed books by bookworm.  One student even asked me if I'm sure that those books she's taking do not have worms, while others asked me where are the books with worms.  As soon as I checked out the books to them, I asked them to reach to a box and get 1 worm for each book they borrowed.  Some refused, some are brave enough but it was funny to see their reactions while reaching their arm.  After they realized that it's a jelly gum, they even borrowed more books to get more.  The first batch who borrowed told it to their classmates and friends how yummy the bookworms are!!  Came lunchtime, the library was flocked with students who wants to borrow books just to get bookworms.  It was fun way to start the month and end the week.

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