Kindergarten Storytelling

I've been wanting to post the storytelling books I've used from the start of classes but too many things to do and so little time.  So I'll just list them down because I can remember only tips of the story, here they are...

I started the year by reading  this book.  Everybody can relate.

Children likes the hopping sound of Froggy - FLOP, FLOP, FLOP!!!

This is a nice story but might be too long for smaller children.

 A story to remind children how to care for any book, not just library book.

It is a story in rhyme.  We don't have snow but it's cold during the day and night so it's just a perfect timing to tell this story.  Also, the children enjoyed the rhymes so much!

Thank you for this one person who pushed me to read this story.  My students loved it!!!
This story is a song that children will love to listen to.  The music is downloadable from Scholastic and can make all the students ready to sing with you.

This story tells that grandmothers everywhere are all caring and lovable, regardless how we call them.

It's the season of giving gifts. This funny story just is just as thoughtful and meaningful.

This is the book I used in relation with our Chinese New Year Celebration.

I love to tell this mother-child love story for Valentine's Day!

Just in time for our Book Week Celebration and Dr. Seuss' birthday. It's quite long for babies. I would recommend this book for advance readers in Kindergarten.

I actually didn't tell this story but show them the video using IPad's app iTubeList. My son loves to watch this video over and over again...and so well my K-students. Even Pre-K enjoyed the rhyming and the fast turning of events.

I chose this book for my storytelling on the week we are celebrating International Day. It has nothing to do with any country but because children look forward to this day to showcase their costume, I decided to tell the story.

It's Holy Week and our school is a non-denomination one, so we have regular classes.  Therefore, it's time to bring out rabbit stories.  I initially wanted  Velveteen Rabbit but realized I don't have it in my collection.  So this story saved me for celebrating Easter Sunday.

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