Print or E-Book

If you notice, I'm reading 2 books at the moment.  One of it is e-book and the other one is print.  I've been longing to start the e-book but after weekssss I haven't read any of its chapter where with my print book I'm half way through.  I think, you really cannot let go of the traditional way but at the same time you can't deny the fact that we all need to go with the world especially with the kind of work I'm at where we need to be updated all the time.  I still enjoy the smell, the comfort of curling up in bed while holding my book and no battery to think about.  Using my tablet to read my ebook gives me a different chill and excitement..excitement that I can do many things like playing before even opening the file of my ebook that it took me the whole time before I realize that my eyes are tired to actually read it.  The brightness of the LCD makes my eyes squint and crow my brows, not good for wrinkles though.  The apps that I need to download to simply read the ebook isn't ready when you buy the $500 worth of equipment.  It costs me pretty big chunk of my allowance just to get those apps and yet I can't have the upgrade whenever I wanted to.  Bottomline, I still prefer printed book where I can pull out beneath by pillow and just snug in again when I feel sleepy..and I don't need wifi at all:D

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