Library Week 2014

This is the second time I organized a Library Week for my current school. We made it simple and easy to execute.

Our theme this year is "Connect to Reading".

For our Foundation through Primary children, we had  "Pelmanism".  This is a memory where cards of pairs are put face down on a large table. They take it in turns to turn over 2 cards at a time . It's good fun and easy to set up and put away.  We printed different sizes of different book covers from our collection for different age groups.  As our objective, children's attention are so focus on the cards and we minimize the noise, even playing it with a big group.  Printing and laminating each card is not difficult.  Overall, children had fun and I being the game master felt like I was playing in casino.  Of course, we gave sweets for everyone as they get the right cards.

As additional activity for Primary, we had Bookmark Exchange.  Children designed a bookmark on a card (library provided)  based on the theme in their classroom prior to the time they come to the library for the game. After the game and before they leave the library, they pick one bookmark from the class who came before them.  One easy, fun, creative activity indeed.

For our Secondary students, we had a Selfie Competition.  Every tween and teenager are so engaged with their phones. So let's hook them up through their phones.  We coordinated with English Department to discuss the competition with their class and promote it at the same time.  We categorize the selfies we received and gave 1st and 2nd place for each category.  Students had so mcuh fun doing the activity and even ask for more competitions like this in the future.


Of course, teachers and staff must participate too, to show what library can do to one's life. So we displayed pictures around the library showing how they are connected with libraries. (photos are mounted on a specially designed layout which I cannot post due identity security)

Lastly, we had Book Fair(via a vendor) and our very own Book Sale(from weeded library books) which we were able to generate the money to buy the prizes for the Selfie winners.


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