International Book Giving Day

January is almost over, how time flies!  It's love month and "Book Giving Day" that is.  This kind-hearted activity is really a good opportunity to show what love means - love for others.  It's time to browse your book shelves at home and see if there are titles you are done reading and would love to share with someone else.  It doesn't need a big preparation, you can simply place a ribbon and insert a simple bookmark about this very special day and leave in a pubic place (bus terminal, food court, hospital, reception, mall, bus, park). 

I started this last year and left some books at a waiting area near a language school and in a taxi, I can only hope that someone took and read it.  I might not know the result of this act but I am pretty this will inspire someone, somehow.

This year, I am making the act a little bigger and spreading the good deed together with our school.  I presented the idea to our Primary Literacy Co-or, asking pupils to bring their old books on the week before 14th February.  The Library will collect, pack and donate it to a foundation. We contacted a number of groups that are interested and are near to our school.  It will not be mandated but anyone who is generous to give, will receive a bookmark designed by Anna Walker.  It's a free template from the group who organized this wonderful deed.
For me and my LO, this deed will continue this year.  I will ask him to choose a few titles from his bunch of books at home and wrap with ribbon and place the book template on top about the special day and leave somewhere, most likely at the mall.
This random act of kindness has been going around in some countries for quite some time now and now I am helping them to spread the good deed in my own special way.  As our Literacry Co-or said, this is an "act of admiration".

We don't need big, grand ideas (though it would be nice).  We just need to care for others and the world could be so much better. 

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