My new library..presenting BIS...

I'm sorry I can't mention the name of my new school yet, BOD must approve it first so let's just call it BIS.
This huge space is my new library. The school had the library and its furniture designed by an architect.  Im excited to fill this space with more colors to cut the monotonous color of black and white and be a wonderful place for my students.

This is when the school dressed the library up for the Parent's became a ballroom venue!!!

This is the new look of it...

And this is my Halloween display for this(2010) year entitled "Escape with a good CREEPY BOOK".  The mobile displays aren't visible so much because of the light.  while the book display is quite far from this display.  During our PTC, some parents used it as their backdrop for their children's pictures.  Feel so proud!!!

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  1. Such a big space for a library. Nice one! I envy you! :P