Storytelling = Sore Throat

When I was first informed that I will handle K-Lib as well, I was both excited and scared.  First, my only experience with these age group is to prepare their book and tally their record.  Second, during their library time, it was still their homeroom teacher who handles everything.  After so long (more than 6 years)of doing a very few task for small children, here I am now faced with a challenge with these adorable young and playful readers(or listeners to some).  

Our Pre-K children are toddlers, as young as 2 y/o.  I must say that I had a hard time interacting with them because Im not a familiar face to them and no chance to bond outside the classroom.  Some looks at me like Im an alien, some cried, some just wanders, not to mention that not all of them speaks nor understands English.  After a few session with them, I can say that we created a special time altogether.  Thanks to my son,  if it's not for his expressions, that I used, I might still lurking in a blank hole until now. 

I am merely a beginner in this activity, I need to explore and be more creative with my voice and action to capture the imagination of the author.  It was nerve-wracking in my first few weeks because I have to tell the story infront of the teachers and TA but now, who cares if I look stupid and silly as long as the children are enjoying.  With so much joy and enthusiasm, after almost a month (I tell 1 story 4x)to each K-class)  of story time, I have a sore throat...charge it to experience!!!!

This was the last story I used for my Story Time with all my K-students.  Easy and interactive, they can guess the next animal on the next page, then when you turn the page they can shout what they've found...they will love this!

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