Book Report

All my library classes from G1-6 comes to our library at least once a week.  In my first few sessions with lower grades, it was challenging when I announce that we will have a quiet reading time.  It seems that they get the freedom out of their classroom, in not a good way.  They run around as they get excited to find books on their own.  So I have to find a way to calm them down before we start our silent reading.  At first, I would tell story to Grades 1 & 2 before sending them to the shelves.  It worked on the first week but I don't have enough books to story to this age group.  So I stole the idea from one of our K-teacher who for every library book that her students check out, she asked them to make a book report.  I searched for some sample template to get a drift of what could be fun for my lower grade schools and one for my upper ones.  My first 5 minutes of the lesson is when I give out instruction, like what books to choose. The next 15-20 minutes is their silent reading then do the book report for about 10-15 minutes.  After which, for 5-10 minutes I ask them to select books that they want to borrow.  While I'm charging their books, they can choose books on their own and read silently.  It was successful I must say since they are calmer towards the end of the session.  Also, since not all of them finished at the same time, most of them get the chance to read individually at their own pace.  Btw, during their silent reading time, I played an instrumental music to give the calming effect.  It worked!!!

Here are some of pictures of the activity.

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