Storytelling-Mama Cat has three kittens

 Holiday is over!!!  Back to work, it may sound hypocrite but Im happy to be back and excited at the same time.  I miss doing my storytelling and for our year starter, here's the first story for my little Kindergartens.
 "Mama Cat has three kittens" by Denise Fleming.  It is a very short story with large letters.  It's about the three kittens- Fluffy, Skinny and Boris.  You may end your storytelling so fast so you have to insert some questions or adlib.  You may ask them "why do they think they were named as such" and ask to find "Boris in every page" then ask the lesson they learned.  You might be surprised of what could be running through their heads.  Light, fun and interesting story though...for children of course!!!

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