Book Week

I organized a Book Week last Feb.28-Mar4, 2011 to celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday and World Book Day on the same week.  I prepared activities that are simple and easy to execute since I'm a one-woman host organizer.

For my Kindergarten, I have movie time(Dr. Seuss Movie) and story time(Dr. Seuss' stories) by our special visitor(our Headmaster) which they love to participate.
For my Grades 1-3, they played Guess the Reader during their library time.  It's easy to plan, all you need to do is ask the teachers to bring their fave book(this is the hardest part of this activity) or any book that they want to be taken with, print it and stick on tables,and prepare the answer sheet. 

For my Grades 4-6, they had Readathon, Reading Bingo and Guess that Reader Challenge for the day. Readathon is the most extreme planning and preparation activity among all.  It started a week before by asking the whole class to read a Roald Dahl book, since I only have 1 copy of the book, I have to copy and bind it for each one of them.  The Bingo game was based from the book assigned to each grade.  The cards were made thru online( so it's really easy but have to come up with 25 questions related to the story. The feedback was positive, they love it but of course they all want shorter story to read.
On Friday the 4th-our big day, we had Book Character Dress-Up Parade and DEAR Time.  Of course, aside from us all excited with how everyone looks like, the parents are more happy to see their kids in costume. I also salute some teachers who made effort to dress-up and show their support to the activity.
Miss Nelson, Dorothy, Belle and Captain Hook
Minnie Mouse
Robin Hood
Robinson Crusoe & Diary of Wimpy Kid
Robinson Crusoe while trapped in an island and Greg of Diary of Wimpy Kid-the no-effort costume of the day!

DEAR Time- "Drop Everything And Read"
We had 30 minutes of DEAR Time on the final day.  I posted signs on each class door for teacher's DEAR Time book.  This gives the student a good boost from their teacher that reading is indeed an enriching activity.  I am really thankful that staff supported this activity.  I also received a feedback from staff, if we can have this as a regular activity in school.  It will definitely disrupt class schedule but we can consider this for next year.

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